How to earn money by writing articles or texts on the internet

If you do not know much about the internet world, this probably sounds unbelievable to you and if you believe it, you think it is very complicated, but I must tell you that you are wrong, this is something totally real and it is quite frequent in the internet world.

Who could pay me for writing articles

Well, there is an immense amount of people and companies that are interested in always having fresh content on their websites and the best thing is that they are willing to pay for it and that is where anyone can take advantage of it and it is precisely where you enter At stake and I sincerely believe that it is the perfect option for anyone who wants to earn a living through the internet, does not know much about this world and is in need of quick money.if u really want to earn online then you can do this job and you can work as a freelancer and if you haven’t got much knowledge for writing article. then use this¬†use this tool to rewrite your content¬†this will make more easier for you.

How to earn money by writing articles or texts on the internet

What types of texts can I buy?

On most occasions these people request texts that will go directly to their websites, I must know at least a hundred people who do just this and that allows them to maintain many webs without having to write all the texts that are published in them , Most are informational texts such as “how to make mouse queue bracelets”, “why I can not learn English on my own”, “the best android applications for photographers” …But this is not the only type of texts that these people and companies demand, they actually demand all kinds of texts and here are some other types of texts:
Reviews of products and services: Very common in online stores, who want to show their opinions and descriptions unique to their products and services, although these types of texts are also much demanded by people who are dedicated to promoting products as affiliates.

Sales Letters: Demanded by people who own products and services that want to display them with texts that highlight their qualities and goodness in the language that awakens the emotions of their potential customers and that awakens in them the greatest interest in acquiring their products or services.

Texts for mailings: There are many webmasters who send a string of texts via email to their potential customers, these texts must be made with a structure that guides prospects to some concrete action.
Ebooks: Have you ever entered a website where you are offered “free” books of the type “5 best routines to keep in shape” or “The 10 secrets to take better control of your finances” and underline the word “free” because In fact in return you are asked to provide your email address and that has a value, well, many of these texts are not written or by the same author who writes on the web because many times they pay for other people Write for them.

Specialized books: Within the office of writing there is a modality called ghost writer, which translated into Spanish is something like “ghostwriter” who is paid precisely for that, to write a book and the payer can sign that text As if he or she had written it.On what themes are the texts you should write The best thing about this is that there is basically a market for absolutely any topic, technology, pets, health, beauty, curios, cars, physical astronomy, thermonuclear engineering, esotericism, astrology, absolutely everythingHow much can be gained by writing texts for other people The truth is that the limit you put it on and what you gain will depend largely on the quality of the texts you write as this could mean a difference of about $ 30 for each text you write How is it possible? Well we have already seen the different types of texts that can be sold and there is a big difference in the price of these books, for example, for informational texts you can charge from 1 to 2 $ for every 100 words while for a specialized book you can charge some 30 $ for every 100 words and if we talk about the letters of sale, you could get to charge up to 1 dollar for each word you write.Of course, this largely depends on your skills and knowledge, the style with which the different types of texts are written are totally different and the level of demand on the part of the client can not be compared in any way.

The difference is also marked by the quality of the texts even if they are in the same category, I understand, you can charge from $ 0.5 to $ 5 for every 100 words even if they are the same type of text.

As for demand is something that you really should not worry about if you’re good enough, there are those who start offering this service in a personal way and end up hiring staff to offer these services on a larger scale, the important thing is that you print Your passion in what you do and that will be reflected in the quality of the texts, if you earn a good reputation you will have a lot of people

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