6 Tips to Fight Back Pain

Santo Domingo.-The main causes of neck or back pain are muscular contractures. Most of the time this is caused by poor posture, lack of exercises and may even be due to stress situations.

The pace of life that we carry and the long hours of work influence enormously. Therefore, achieving good elongation and strengthening the muscles around the spine is of great benefit.

The professionals of the Institute of Diagnosis and Metabolic Research (IDIM) of Argentina put together a guide of exercises and advice to take into account to alleviate the symptoms, were published by (www.neomundo.com.ar / Source: IDIM)

6 Tips to Fight Back Pain


• Do not lift anything by bending the body forward: an object should be raised by bending the knees.
• Keep your back straight and hold the object close to the body.
• Push instead of pulling when moving heavy objects.
• If the person has to sit for long periods, take breaks to stretch.
• Wear flat shoes or heels up to 2.5 cm high or less.
• Exercise regularly. An inactive lifestyle contributes to pain.

In addition it is recommended to use seats with backs or lumbar support straight, or to place a rolled up towel in the lower part of the back in case it must be handled or sitting for a long time.And use a stool to lift the feet.



The best way to sleep is to cause less pain to the person. Usually most people have less pain if they sleep on their sides.You can also put a pillow between your knees.If the person sleeps on their back, they will have to put pillows under the knees and another under the lower back.Otherwise, if you sleep on your stomach use a pillow under your hips.Use a firm mattress. If it is too soft to use a wide board under the mattress.


There are some specific exercises that can be used to relieve back pain.
One is to gently stretch the muscles of it. This is achieved by lying on your back with your knees slightly bent and slowly lifting your left knee towards your chest. Push the lower back against the floor. Hold position for five seconds. Relax and repeat the exercise with your right knee.
Do ten of these exercises for each leg, alternating them.
It is also recommended to stay active in general. Swimming and walking in general are excellent exercises.
What can you do to feel relief from the pain in your lower back?
If the person sleeps on their back they can use pillows under their knees; If you do it sideways, you should use a pillow between your knees. It may take one or two days of rest. Rest for longer can cause the muscles to weaken and worsen the pain; Even if it hurts it is recommended to walk for a few minutes every hour.


• Avoid movements that require bending the spine as much as possible, both forward and backward.
• Avoid major stresses or abrupt spins.
• Avoid sudden or high-impact movements
• Avoid excessive weight lifting
• Avoid fatigue.
• Avoiding excessive exercise

7 Tips before Receiving a Massage

Many people know the many benefits that massage therapy offers to the body and the health of those who receive a therapeutic massage. Among its benefits, this famous therapy helps to reduce stress, anxiety, strengthen the immune system, relieve muscle aches, improve joint mobility, cure tendon injuries, promote better posture and a lot of etcetera.At the entrance of today, I take advantage of my experience practising this discipline to share with you 7 previous advice to receive a massage. If you receive a massage on a regular basis, or if you have an appointment with your physiotherapist soon, this article certainly interests you. Here are my 7 tips:

7 Tips before Receiving a Massage

Be punctual: go to your appointment in time.

Number one is always the most important. Arriving soon is a way of respecting the work of the physiotherapist, in addition, guarantees that they fit the pre-established schedules in their work. Being late can cause later delays with other patients or even make you lose valuable minutes from your massage session. Do not let that happen, present yourself 10 or 15 minutes before your time, it will be enough.

Take a good shower beforehand: increase the quality of your massage.

It seems obvious, but you would be surprised by the situations that come to live in the massage room. In addition to hygiene and respect, the previous shower helps to remove the dead cells from the epidermis and the massage oil penetrates the skin better. In this way, you will be able to benefit from all the properties of the massage oil, besides being more comfortable and pleasant to receive with a clean skin.

Consider waxing or shaving: the massage with hair is not beautiful.

The body hair makes difficult the manoeuvres of the massage. In addition, it is more uncomfortable and requires much more oil to perform properly. If you are a man and you have abundant and thick hair, it is highly recommended to shave or shave the area that goes to work with the massage. Do not forget to remove hair always bilaterally, this is both arms or both legs (depending on the case) because sometimes physiotherapists need to compare an affected member with his healthy name.

If you have long hair: bring it back or bring a gum.

This point is especially important if in addition to having long hair you will receive a general massage of the back, neck and shoulders. This way you will avoid finishing oil-oiled hair and make it easier to work during the mesotherapy session.

Remember your allergies, surgery and previous pathologies.

Before receiving a massage, as with any therapy, it is basic to know the patient’s medical history and history. There are a number of cases in which receiving a massage may be a partial or total contraindication. Among the most notable contraindications are surgical interventions, acute or bacterial inflammatory processes, vascular diseases (such as phlebitis) or lymph nodes, thrombosis and arterial embolism, kidney problems, infectious diseases (fungi, lupus) or tumour , Muscle breakdown and pregnancy.Similarly, if you have any allergies, especially nuts such as almonds, it is very important that you notify your physiotherapist.

Relax and enjoy: this is mandatory!

Light, music, temperature … The atmosphere of the massage room is not accidental: it is well studied to optimise the psychosomatic benefits of mesotherapy. It is convenient to leave work life and problems aside during the session, your body and your mind will thank you. Follow the instructions of your physiotherapist and relax. Interact with it only if you experience annoying or unwanted sensations.It is very common for patients to fall asleep at some point in the massage. Do not be embarrassed if this happens, it is certainly the best indicator that you have done a good job. Do not forget to take a few minutes to get back to the real world before getting up from the cam

Only spa and massage parlours aren’t the option to get a massage, you can’t imagine that how much relaxing massage an automatic chair could give you. If you’re worried about the cost then I think you should give bestmassage ec-06c a try because it’s the most affordable and most powerful chair on the market. I hope you’ve liked my tips, you can contribute here too for more tips. Just let me know via comments.


Barometric Pressure and Behavior in People


I believe barometric pressure affects behavior in children and adults. With the recent wave of polar vortex weather, we have seen a huge increase in behavioral issues and a huge variance in barometric pressure. We’ve been able to get this information from our friends over at NHS Heroes where you can buy Codeine Co-Codamol tablets online in the UK.

Here is a picture of the barometric pressure for Olathe, Kansas (a school district I work with quite frequently).

This is the graph for the month of February. You can see how the barometric pressure in one month’s time has huge variances. How does this relate to behavior? Thomas Schory has conducted research finding a connection between barometric pressure and patients with psychiatric conditions. Here is an interesting article citing Schory. Note the article section discussing the use of corporal punishment being higher on abnormal pressure days.

One of my principal friends in Lawton, Oklahoma was so proud of her statistics. She had gone all year with zero office discipline referrals. On April 21 at 1:45 in the afternoon, three students were sent to her office from different classrooms. All three children had out of the ordinary behavior. I met with her the next day. We pulled up the barometric pressure for Lawton, Oklahoma looking at hour by hour of the day before. At 1:30 that afternoon, the barometric pressure had taken a huge nose dive.

So, what can you do if you are a principal, educator, parent or therapist working with children on a daily basis? Watch the barometric pressure. When you see a huge change in the barometric pressure, turn everything in your classroom or home into a choice. Here are some samples of equal choices:

Do you want to write with the green pencil or the purple pencil?
Do you want to sit in the red chair or the blue chair?
Would you like to walk down the hallway beside me or in front of me?
Here are 50 math problems, you can only do half of them. You can choose the half you do.
You can brush your teeth with the green toothbrush or the yellow toothbrush (provided they are both theirs 🙂 )
Do you want to wear your green pajamas or your blue pajamas?
It is so easy to turn anything into a choice. Why are choices important? Choices keep the synapses firing in the front part of the brain where the child is thinking. We want to keep the child thinking so they do not slip down into the lizard brain where they are just reacting. Decision making is enacted in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. When we offer the student equal choices rather than a threat, we can keep the synapses firing in the prefrontal cortex. If we throw out a threat like, “Do this, or lose your recess. Do this or go to the office.”, the student will immediately go to lizard brain. Lizard brain is the brain stem which means the student is reacting rather than thinking.

When the barometric pressure is out of the normal range, it can affect how you feel. How you feel affects how you react to choices and threats. Hence, it makes sense to offer choices to students on as much as possible when the barometric pressure is changing to keep them from reacting to the way they feel about the barometric pressure effects on their body.

We have tried this with students and had great results. We tried it with an adult who had autism, intellectual disabilities, bipolar condition, obsessive compulsive disorder and mild cerebral palsy. When offered numerous choices on wacky barometric pressure days he would be a little slower in response; however, he would not lock down and refuse to go to work. Previous to the addition of choices, he would choose to stay in bed and not eat or take his medication when given ultimatums by his staff.

So, watch the barometric pressure and start turning everything in your classroom, school, or home into a choice when the barometric pressure shoots up or down and you’ll be surprised in the changes it will make for you and your students or children.