Mostly people spend a lot of time in playing games on the computer. There is an important role of mouse and keyboard while playing games on the computer and everyone wants to have a good mouse and keyboard with excellent features. If the mouse or keyboard are not working well according to the player then the player lose the game and become upset. Mostly players prefer the gaming mouse for playing games instead of conventional PC mouse because conventional PC mouse is not performing well during the games. The gamming mouse is made especially for the gamers. It contains brilliant features, qualities, and great accuracy.  Gaming mouse makes very easy for the player to play and do not create any sort of distraction during the whole game.


There are many types of gaming mouse with a different shape, color, price, and features. It depends on a player that which type of gaming mouse he wants to buy. Before purchasing the gaming mouse the first thing to do is to find out for which type of game you are finding the mouse.

Secondly: make sure you want to purchase the wireless or wire mouse. Usually, wireless mouse is less responsive than the wired mouse.

Thirdly: the most important factor is to choose the grip of the gaming mouse. There are three types of grips, claw grip, palm grip and finger grip.  put your palm on the mouse, move it to the gaming mouse pad in horizontal and vertical manner and check the grip .after the palm you will repeat the same method by putting the finger and claw and  Select the grip in which you are more comfortable.

Fourthly: you should understand the most common thing available in each mouse like dot per inches (DPI), acceleration and lift of distance.DPI is the measurement of sensitivitiveness of a gaming mouse, greater the DPI, better the sensitivitiveness. If you have 1 DPI, your mouse will move 1 inch and 1 pixel pointer move on the screen and if you have 5 DPI, your mouse will move 1 inch and 5 pixels pointer move on the screen. Acceleration is the measurement of speed at which the cursor moved and lift of distance determine the distance from the surface at which mouse work.

Fifthly: laser verses ball mouse, ball mouse are more cheaper than the laser mouse but I will recommend to buy the laser work best then the ball mouse.

Gamming mouse is best for playing games. Above are the some important points that you should know before purchasing the gamming mouse. If you buy the gaming mouse carrying all features that you want, it will be great and a lot fun while playing games.

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